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IM 646. Facilitating and Administering E-Learning

Credits: 3
Department: Information Media
Description: Theories and techniques of e-learning process facilitation and administration of distributed education programs and service.
Prerequisites: IM 554
Semester Offered: Even Fall
Grading Method: ABCDF

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Analyze how learners interact with each communication technology in order to facilitate productive disucusions among diverse learners.
2. Evaluate and select appropriate learning environments and technologies for online learning.
3. Manage projects including technology design and development for Internet-based learning environments.
4. Implement, manage and support online learning.
5. Conduct cost analysis and determine Return on Investment for online/distributed learning.
6. Assure that online resources for teaching and learning adhere to laws (such as student data privacy and intellectural property) regulations and standards(such as SCORM, accessibility) compliance.
7. Manage application of quality standards to development of online learning.

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