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Goal 8. Global Perspective

Goal: To increase students' understanding of the growing interdependence of nations and peoples and develop their ability to apply a comparative perspective to cross-cultural social, economic and political experiences.

LEP Objective: Develop a comparative perspective and understanding of one’s place in a global context. Students can meet this requirement through 1 approved course or experience.

Students will be able to:

  1. Describe and analyze political, economic, and cultural elements which influence relations of states and societies in their historical and contemporary dimensions.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of cultural, social, religious and linguistic differences.
  3. Analyze specific international problems, illustrating the cultural, economic, and political differences that affect their solution.
  4. Understand the role of a world citizen and the responsibility world citizens share for their common global future.

Consistent with LEP Student Learning Outcomes, students will also demonstrate their ability to:

  • Explain how they are connected and related to people elsewhere in the world.
  • Describe similarities and differences among global places and populations.
  • Analyze how political, economic or cultural elements influence relations among the world’s states, peoples, or societies. 
  • Analyze specific international issues and propose and evaluate responses.
  • Articulate a vision of their individual roles and responsibilities in a common global future.

Goal 8: Global Perspective

Goal 8: Global Perspective  (1 course)

AFST 2505, Introduction to African Studies (Diversity), 3 Cr.
ANTH 1015, Introduction to Anthropology (Diversity), 3 Cr.
ANTH 2505, Introductory Cultural Anthropology (Diversity), 3 Cr.
ART 1316, Introduction to the Visual Arts of the World (Diversity), 3 Cr.
ART 2306, Art History Survey I, 3 Cr.
ART 4336, Asian Art History (Diversity), 3 Cr.
ART 4346, African Art History (Diversity), 3 Cr.
ART 4356, Art History of the Americas (Diversity), 3 Cr.
ART 4906, Folk, Ethnic, and Indigenous Art (Diversity), 3 Cr.
ASTR 1203, Archaeoastronomy (Diversity), 3 Cr.

BLAW 230, Consumer and Personal Law, 3 Cr.
BRIT 101, Introduction to the British Cultural Experience, 1 Cr.
BRIT 201, Reflections on the British Cultural Experience, 2 Cr.

CFS 260, Children in a Changing World (Diversity), 3 Cr.
CMST 330, Intercultural Communication (Diversity), 3 Cr.
CMTY 2005, Cities, Suburbs, and Small Towns, 3 Cr.
CSD 230, Global Perspectives on Communication Disorders (Diversity), 3 Cr.

EAST 2505, Introduction to East Asia (Diversity), 3 Cr.
ECON 350, Economics of Developing Countries (Diversity), 3 Cr.
ENTR 200, Principles of Entrepreneurship, 3 Cr.
ETS 1825, Modern Technology and Civilization, 3 Cr.
ETS 1835, Technology and Third World Development (Diversity), 3 Cr.
ETS 18510, Energy Resources and Issues, 3 Cr.

FREN 1016, Elementary French I, 4 Cr.
FREN 1026, Elementary French II, 4 Cr.
FREN 1106, Introduction to French Culture, 3 Cr.
FREN 2016, Intermediate French I, 4 Cr.
FREN 2026, Intermediate French II, 4 Cr.

GEOG 111, Introduction to Global Geography (Diversity), 3 Cr.
GER 1016, Elementary German I, 4 Cr.
GER 1026, Elementary German II, 4 Cr.
GER 1106, Introduction to German Culture, 3 Cr.
GER 2016, Intermediate German I, 4 Cr.
GER 2026, Intermediate German II, 4 Cr.
GERO 4705, Global Aging (Diversity), 3 Cr.
GLST 1959, Global Society and Citizenship, 3 Cr.
GWS 340, Global Feminisms, 3 Cr.
GWS 4309, Feminist Transformative Leadership, 3 Cr.

HIST 1015, Studies in World History, 3 Cr.
HIST 1065, Historical Studies (Diversity), 3 Cr.
HIST 1105, Western Civilization I: Antiquity to 1500, 3 Cr.
HIST 1115, Western Civilization II: 1500-Present, 3 Cr.
HIST 1505 , Twentieth Century World (Diversity), 3 Cr.
HTSM 111, Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism, 3 Cr.
HTSM 215, Geography of Tourism, 3 Cr.
HURL 30310, Global Social and Environmental Justice, 3 Cr.

IM 204, Research Strategies in a Changing World (Diversity), 3 Cr.
JPN 1016, Elementary Japanese I (Diversity), 4 Cr.
JPN 1026, Elementary Japanese II (Diversity), 4 Cr.
JPN 2016, Intermediate Japanese I, 4 Cr.
JPN 2026, Intermediate Japanese II, 4 Cr.

LAST 2505, Introduction to Latin America (Diversity), 3 Cr.
LC 1016, Elementary Foreign Language I (Topical), 4 Cr.
LC 1026, Elementary Foreign Language II (Topical), 4 Cr.
LC 2016, Intermediate Foreign Languages I (Topical), 4 Cr.
LC 2026, Intermediate Foreign Languages II (Topical), 4 Cr.
LIB 290, Social Media in a Global Context (Diversity), 3 Cr.

MCOM 218, Peace for our Planet, 3 Cr.
MGMT 260, Principles of Global Business, 3 Cr.
MKTG 100, Contemporary Business Concepts, 3 Cr.
MUSM 1256, Music in World Culture (Diversity), 3 Cr.
MUSP 1596, World Drumming Group, 1 Cr.

PHIL 1116, Multicultural Philosophy (Diversity), 3 Cr.
PHIL 2116, Philosophy and Feminism (Diversity), 3 Cr.
PHIL 3279, Global Justice, 3 Cr.
PHIL 4849, Global Business Ethics, 3 Cr.
POL 101, Political Ideas and Institutions, 3 Cr.
POL 251, Introduction to World Politics, 3 Cr.
POL 333, Latin American Government and Politics, 3 Cr.
POL 334, Middle East Government and Politics, 3 Cr.
POL 335, African Government and Politics (Diversity), 3 Cr.
POL 337, Emerging Political Issues in the Nonwestern World (Diversity), 3 Cr.
POL 434, Politics of the Arab Peninsula (Diversity), 3 Cr.
POL 436, Southeast Asian Governments and Politics (Diversity), 3 Cr.

REL 1006, World Religions (Diversity), 3 Cr.
REL 225, Asian Religions (Diversity), 3 Cr.
RUSS 1016, Elementary Russian I, 4 Cr.
RUSS 1026, Elementary Russian II, 4 Cr.
RUSS 1106, Introduction to Russian Culture, 3 Cr.
RUSS 2016, Intermediate Russian I, 4 Cr.
RUSS 2026, Intermediate Russian II, 4 Cr.

SOC 2735, Sociology of Gender (Diversity), 3 Cr.
SOC 2765, Families and Globalization (Diversity), 3 Cr.
SPAN 100, Spanish for Health Care Professionals, 3 Cr.
SPAN 1016, Elementary Spanish I, 4 Cr.
SPAN 1026, Elementary Spanish II, 4 Cr.
SPAN 1036, Accelerated Spanish for High Beginners, 4 Cr.
SPAN 1106, Introduction to Spanish Speaking Cultures, 3 Cr.
SPAN 2016, Intermediate Spanish I, 4 Cr.
SPAN 2026, Intermediate Spanish II, 4 Cr.

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