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Goal 6. The Humanities and Fine Arts

Goal: To expand students' knowledge of the human condition and human cultures, especially in relation to behavior, ideas, and values expressed in works of human imagination and thought. Through study in disciplines such as literature, philosophy, and the fine arts, students will engage in critical analysis, form aesthetic judgments, and develop an appreciation of the arts and humanities as fundamental to the health and survival of any society. Students should have experiences in both the arts and humanities.

LEP Objective: Expand appreciation and critical understanding of changing modes of human expression and systems of thought in the arts and humanities, and develop abilities in the creation and performance of meaning.  Students can meet this requirement through 2 approved courses or experiences in different rubrics or academic areas.

Students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate awareness of the scope and variety of works in the arts and humanities.
  2. Understand those works as expressions of individual and human values within an historical and social context.
  3. Respond critically to works in the arts and humanities.
  4. Engage in the creative process or interpretive performance.
  5. Articulate an informed personal reaction to works in the arts and humanities.

Consistent with LEP Student Learning Outcomes, students will also demonstrate their ability to:

  • Demonstrate awareness of the scope and variety of works in the arts and humanities.
  • Describe and appreciate works in the arts and humanities as expressions of individual and collective values within an intellectual, cultural, historical and social context.
  • Interpret and respond critically to works from various cultures in the arts and humanities.
  • Explore intellectually the ideas expressed in works in the arts and humanities.
  • Engage in creative processes or interpretive performance.
  • Articulate an informed personal response to works in the arts and humanities.
  • Analyze the diverse means of communication in the arts and humanities.


Goal 6: Humanities and Fine Arts

Goal 6: Humanities and Fine Arts (2 courses with no more than 4 credits from one rubric or academic area)

ART 101, Foundation Drawing I: Observation, 3 Cr.

ART 102, 2-D Design and Color, 3 Cr.

ART 103, Foundation Drawing II: Form and Content, 3 Cr.

ART 104, 3-D Design, 3 Cr.

ART 105, Computer Studio, 3 Cr.

ART 130, Studio Art for Non-Majors, 3 Cr.

ART 1318, Introduction to the Visual Arts of the World (Diversity), 3 Cr.

ART 2308, Art History Survey I, 3 Cr.

ART 2315, Art History Survey II, 3 Cr.

ART 333, Art and Literature, 3 Cr.

ART 4338, Asian Art History (Diversity), 3 Cr.

ART 4348, African Art History (Diversity), 3 Cr.

ART 4358, Art History of the Americas (Diversity), 3 Cr.

ART 4908, Folk, Ethnic, and Indigenous Art (Diversity), 3 Cr.

COLL 197, First Year Seminar, 3 Cr.

CMST 210, Performance and Everyday Life, 3 Cr.

CMST 211, Public Speaking, 3 Cr.

CMST 3062, Rhetoric in Popular Culture, 3 Cr.

CMST 316, Speech Writing, 3 Cr.

CSD 171, American Sign Language, 3 Cr.

ENGL 184, Introduction to Literature, 3 Cr.

ENGL 201, Classics of Literature, 3 Cr.

ENGL 202, Myth, Legend, and Sacred Literatures, 3 Cr.

ENGL 203, Gender Issues in Literature (Diversity), 3 Cr.

ENGL 215, American Indian Literature (Diversity), 3 Cr.

ENGL 2167, African American Literature (Diversity/RIS), 3 Cr.

ENGL 280, Understanding Video Games, 3 Cr.

ENGL 305, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Literature (Diversity), 4 Cr.

ENGL 3062, Rhetoric in Popular Culture, 3 Cr.

ETHS 301, Special Topics in American Indian Studies, 3 Cr.

ETHS 307, Chicano/a Cultural Expressions, 3 Cr.

ETHS 3455, Asian Pacific Americans in Popular Culture (Diversity), 3 Cr.

FREN 1018, Elementary French I, 4 Cr.

FREN 1028, Elementary French II, 4 Cr.

FREN 1108,Introduction to French Culture, 3 Cr.

FREN 2018, Intermediate French I, 4 Cr.

FREN 2028, Intermediate French II, 4 Cr.

FS 175, Film and Culture, 3 Cr.

FS 260, The Art of Film, 3 Cr.

FS 270, Digital Filmmaking, 4 Cr.

GEOG 270, Introduction to Cultural Geography (Diversity), 3 Cr.

GER 1018, Elementary German I, 4 Cr.

GER 1028, Elementary German II, 4 Cr.

GER 1108, Introduction to German Culture, 3 Cr.

GER 2018, Intermediate German I, 4  Cr.

GER 2028, Intermediate German II, 4 Cr.

GWS 330, Gender and Popular Culture, 3 Cr.

HIST 136, Medieval English Society, 3 Cr.

HUMS 250, Introduction to the Humanities, 3 Cr.

IM 260, Exploring Digital Media, 3 Cr.

JPN 1018, Elementary Japanese I (Diversity), 4 Cr.

JPN 1028, Elementary Japanese II (Diversity), 4 Cr.

JPN 2018, Intermediate Japanese I, 4 Cr.

JPN 2028, Intermediate Japanese II, 4 Cr.

LC 1018, Elementary Foreign Language I (Topical), 4 Cr.

LC 1028, Elementary Foreign Language II (Topical), 4 Cr.

LC 2018, Intermediate Foreign Languages I (Topical), 4 Cr.

LC 2028, Intermediate Foreign Languages II (Topical), 4 Cr.

MCOM 146, American Television and Cultural Diversity (Diversity), 3 Cr.

MCOM 200, Introduction to Mass Communications, 3 Cr.

MCOM 275, Documentaries of the Holocaust (Diversity), 3 Cr.

MUSM 100, Introduction to Musical Concepts, 3 Cr.

MUSM 123, Experiencing Live Music, 3 Cr.

MUSM 1258, Music in World Culture (Diversity), 3 Cr.

MUSM 126, History of Rock and Roll Music, 3 Cr.

MUSM 229, Jazz History, 3 Cr.

MUSP 110-448, Private Lessons, 1-3 Cr.

MUSP 1598, World Drumming Group, 1 Cr.

MUSP 155-367, Ensembles, 1 Cr.

MUSP 358, Chamber Singers, 1 Cr.

PHIL 1118, Multicultural Philosophy (Diversity), 3 Cr.

PHIL 112, Philosophical Explorations, 3 Cr.

PHIL 116, Elementary Topics in Philosophy, 1-3 Cr.

PHIL 2118, Philosophy and Feminism (Diversity), 3 Cr.

PHIL 2129, Moral Problems and Theories, 3 Cr.

PHIL 221, Philosophy of Religion, 3 Cr.

PHIL 222, Existentialism, 3 Cr.

PHIL 251, History of Western Philosophy I, 3 Cr.

PHIL 252, History of Western Philosophy II, 3 Cr.

REL 1008, World Religions (Diversity), 3 Cr.

REL 150, Introduction to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, 3 Cr.

REL 2609, Comparative Religious Ethics, 3 Cr.

RUSS 1018, Elementary Russian I, 4 Cr.

RUSS 1028, Elementary Russian II, 4 Cr.

RUSS 1108,Introduction to Russian Culture, 3 Cr.

RUSS 2018, Intermediate Russian I, 4 Cr.

RUSS 2028, Intermediate Russian II, 4 Cr.

SPAN 1018, Elementary Spanish I, 4 Cr.

SPAN 1028,  Elementary Spanish II, 4 Cr.

SPAN 1038,, Accelerated Spanish for High Beginners, 4 Cr.

SPAN 1108, Introduction to Spanish Speaking Cultures, 3 Cr.

SPAN 2018, Intermediate Spanish I, 4  Cr.

SPAN 2028, Intermediate Spanish II, 4 Cr.

TH 148, Acting for Everyone, 3 Cr.

TH 231, Introduction to Theatre, 3 Cr.

TH 242, Active Collaboration, 3 Cr.

TH 258, Practical Creativity, 3 Cr.

TH 2705, American Musical Theatre, 3 Cr.

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