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Special Education

Chairperson: Bradley Kaffar
Address: A211 Education Building
Phone: 320.308.2041

BS in Special Education: Academic and Behavioral Strategist (57 credits) View Details

Admission Requirements

Admission To Teacher Education

Admission Criteria. Admission to Teacher Education is a function of the Office of the Dean of the School of Education (EB A110). Students apply to Teacher Education concurrent with application to the Special Education Major.

Program Requirements

Core (12 credits): SPED 203 (counts as Diversity) SPED 420, SPED 421, SPED 431.  General Education Block (16 credits): SPED 338, SPED 339, SPED 405, SPED 415, SPED 418, SPED 445.  Special Education Block (15 credits): SPED 411, SPED 416, SPED 419, SPED 440, SPED 455.  Student Teaching Semester (16 credits): SPED 490, SPED 452, SPED 456, SPED 457. Special licensure requirements: ED 200 or SPED 200 or CFS 200, CEEP 262, CEEP 361, HURL 497, HURL 498, IM 422 (competencies required - see IM section), and MATH 301.

Minor in Special Education (19 credits) View Details

Admission Requirements


  • Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exam: Basic Skills Examination required for 400-level classes.

Program Requirements

SPED 203 (part of Elementary Education requirements), SPED 405, SPED 419 (prerequisite needed), SPED 421. Two SPED Electives: SPED 411, SPED 415, SPED 416, SPED 420, SPED 431, SPED 445. Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exam: Basic Skills required for 400-level classes.

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