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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chairperson:  Michael Jeannot
Address: 358 Robert H. Wick Science Building
Phone: 320.308.3031



Professional Science Masters in Material Science and Instrumentation (33 credits) View Details

Admission Requirements

  • Student must hold a B.S. or B.A. degree in science, engineering, or a related field.


  • See department website ( for more information about the program.


Option(s): Capstone
Other: Non-thesis
Credits: 33
Core: 15 credits: MATS 511, MATS 512, MATS 514, MATS 621, MATS 695. Also select 9 credits from: ACCT 591, COMM 571, MBA 663, MBA 683, PHIL 581, PHIL 584.
Electives: Select 9 credits from: MATS 615, MATS 623, MATS 625, MATS 631, MATS 641.

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