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Cr. Credit
Undgr. Undergraduate
Gr. Graduate
Prereq. Prerequisite
Lab. Laboratory

Academic Abbreviations

ACCT Accounting HUMS Humanities
AFST African Studies HURL Human Relations and Multicultural Education
AHS Atmospheric and Hydrologic Sciences IA Information Assurance
ANTH Anthropology IM Information Media
ASTR Astronomy IS Information Systems
ART Art JPN Japanese
BIOL Biological Sciences JWST Jewish Studies
BLAW Business Law LAST Latin American Studies
CHEM Chemistry MGMT Management
CFS Child and Family Studies MKTG Marketing
CSD Communication Sciences & Disorders  MCOM Mass Communications
CMST Communication Studies MATH Mathematics
CPSY Community Psychology MME Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
CMTY Planning & Community Development MLS Medical Laboratory Science
CNA Computer Networking & Applications MEDT Medical Technology
CSCI Computer Science MUSE Music Education
CEEP Counselor Education & Educational Psychology MUSM Music Musicianship
CJS Criminal Justice MUSP Music Performance
COLL College Transitions NMDT Nuclear Medicine Technology
DANC Dance NURS Nursing
EAST East Asian Studies PHIL Philosophy
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering PESS Physical Education and Sport Science  
ECON Economics PHYS Physics
EDAD Educational Administration PNI Public Non Profit
ENGR Engineering Science POL Political Science
ENGL English PSEL Public Safety Executive Leadership
ESL English as a Second Language PSY Psychology
ETHS Ethnic Studies RADT Radiologic Technology
ETS Environmental & Technological Studies REC Recreation
FS Film Studies REL Religious Studies
FIRE Finance, Insurance and Real Estate RUSS Russian
FORL Foreign Languages SCI Sciences
FREN French SSCI Social Science
GEOG Geography and Planning SST Social Studies
GER German SW Social Work
GERO Gerontology SOC Sociology
GLST Global Studies SOV Soviet Studies
GWS Gender and Women's Studies    
HLTH Health SPED Special Education
HIED Higher Education STAT Statistics
HIST History SPAN Spanish
HONS Honors ED Teacher Development
HPE Health and Physical Education TH Theatre
    TSE Traffic Safety Education

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