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Antunez, Hector Giovanni (2005)

Professor, Department of Kinesiology
M.S., 1997, Tulane University; Ph.D., 2004, Tulane University

Degerstrom, Sean (2017)

Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology
B.S. 2003, University of North Dakota; M.A. 2005, Heidelberg College

Finch, Laura (2010)

Professor, Department of Kinesiology
B.A. 1986, Denison University; M.S. 1989, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Ph.D. 1993 University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Martin, Caryl L. (2001)

Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology
A.B. 1979, Morehead State University; M.A. 1982, Western Kentucky University; Ph.D. 2000, Georgia State University                                          

Olson, Trista (2016)

Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology
B.S. 2005, M.S. 2012, North Dakota State University; Ph.D. 2016, University of Northern Colorado

Picconatto, William J. (2004)

Professor, Department of Kinesiology; Chairperson, Department of Kinesiology
B.S. 1979, University of Wisconsin-Madison; B.S. 1977, University of Wisconsin-Superior; M.A. 1991, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Ph.D. 1998, University of Minnesota

Ulferts, Lori K. (1994)

Professor, Department of Kinesiology
B.S. 1983, Ed.D. 1992, University of North Dakota; M.Ed. 1984, Frostburg State University

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